Carlton Studios Recording Studio

The studio is centred around a classic Rupert Neve designed ‘BIG’ mixing desk. A combination of analogue equipment and digital processing is used to bring the best of both worlds; all the clarity and precision you can expect from digital and the grit and character from analogue. We can provide a high quality product in a short time and produce the full range of highly polished, modern productions to bands playing together live in a room.

Our Engineers

Carlton’s recording studio is operated by Gareth McAulay Moffitt, Cheryl Howarth and Kevin McLaughlin

Gareth McAulay Moffitt has been operating sessions at the studios for 7 years and has worked with many of the top acts on the Glasgow music scene including the Ducks, Hunter and McMustard, Hugh Reed and the Velvet Underpants, John Hinshelwood, Johnny Mac and the Faithful and many more.

Cheryl Howarth came to us from Glasgow Music Studios where she worked for many years and has established herself at Carlton as a highly skilled engineer. Starting her journey in 2006, Cheryl gained much experience with media production companies where she developed her skills in sound for film. After graduating at the University of the West of Scotland in Music Technology, Cheryl secured a position at GMS where she obtained a track record for most returning customers – some of which have followed her to Carlton!

Carlton is delighted to welcome to the team, Kevin McLaughlin who has been playing and making music in around Glasgow and doing live sound for the best part of 15 years with bands such as Umbongo Nambarrie, The Well Happy Band, The Mitre Fives, The Heavy Duty Master Clocks, Papa Pajamma, King Snowflake, Safety Nett, and Kiaora Punjuana. Working in venues such as Pivo Pivo, Stereo and in more recent years he has been the in-house tech at the Clutha Bar. Kevin has mostly been working freelance for recording projects up til now with a mobile recording setup and a home mixing space. He has a love of old school vintage audio equipment and techniques and has a fair collection of interesting microphones and mystery boxes that will be making an appearance soon at sessions in Carlton!

The recording facilities have been in operation for over 30 years and were previously run by esteemed producers including Danny Mitchell and Jamie Telford. Many great artists were recorded at Carlton during this time, including The Silencers, Mary Kiani, Big George and Duncan Campbell video artist and Turner Prize winner.

Carlton Recordings

We monitor recordings on industry standard Yamaha NS-10s and have a set of Tannoys for comparison. The Control Room has a beech floor, pine roof and a fabric finish on the walls in order to create a totally neutral monitoring environment.

We master recordings produced at the studio as standard and ensure that your material will leave the studio sounding well balanced, while retaining a sense of dynamics. We also have links with a number of highly regarded mastering engineers in Glasgow and beyond, including Martin Ballesta, should you wish to have this done elsewhere.

CD duplication services are available at an extra cost as well as links with companies with bespoke CD manufacturing services.

We highly recommend the Glasgow-based CD pressing company CD Unity.

Night Owl Recording Sessions

Now available at Carlton, Night Owl Recording Sessions! Are you more creative in the wee small hours? Then book our new Night Owl sessions from midnight into the morn.

Vocal Booth

Our dedicated vocal booth in the control room provides a comfortable environment to record vocals. This is used by singers but also for doing voice over work, ADR, radio plays, theatre and lots more. We have a wide selection of microphones to cater for various applications, including Neumanns and AKG 414s as well as an EVO RE320, which is industry standard for radio and broadcast.

We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable environment for clients to feel at home while they’re recording. This includes unlimited free teas and coffees for clients in session and access to both the cafe and garden area at the back for comfort throughout.

Equipment list

Mixing Desk

  • Big by Langley


  • Universal Audio Twinfinity 710d
  • FireFace 800 (x2)


  • Yamaha Custom Tour



  • Fender Twin (various)
  • Fender Princeton
  • Vox (various)
  • Marshall (various)
  • Blackstar



  • Neumann TLM 193
  • Neumann TLM 102
  • AKG 414 (x 2)
  • Shure SM57
  • EVO RE320
  • Rode NT55
  • Sennheisser MD441


£25 per hour

To enquire or book, phone 0141 429 5723 or email

To confirm your booking, we ask you to pay a non-refundable deposit at the rate of 1 hour, i.e. £25.

Recorded at Carlton Studios