Carlton’s central location makes it easy to pick up gear for a show.

  • Guitar amps from £25
  • Bass Combo £20
  • Drum Kit with stands and cymbals £35

To enquire or book, phone 0141 429 5723 or email

Prices are based on a 24-hour hire. Photographic ID required. All hires must be paid by card, no cash transactions. The client is responsible for any damage to equipment during the hire period. Late returns charged on a 24 hour hire for each day.

available equipment


Drumkit (5 Piece, 3cymbal stands, hi-hat stand) POA
Cymbals (Hi-hats, 16″crash, 20″ride) POA


Reghin Double Bass (full scale, pine roof, maple body) POA
Reghin Double Bass (with AKG DB1 PICK-UP) POA
Marshall MkII Super Bass 100watt POA
Hartke 150w combo POA
Peavey TNT combo POA
Peavey MkIII 150watt head POA
Peavey MkIII 1×15″ cabinet POA
Peavey MkIII 4×10″ cabinet POA


Vox Jaguar (1963) POA
Peavey KB5 150watt stereo combo POA
Peavey KB3 75 watt combo POA


Epiphone Sheraton II POA
Yamaha POA
Orange head POA
Marshall JCM 800 POA
Marshall JCM 900 POA
Marshall TLS 2000 POA
Marshall 4×12 cabinet POA
Fender Twin Reverb POA
Fender the “Twin” POA
Peavey “Bandit” POA

PA Systems

Yamaha 600 POA
3x Shure SM58 microphones POA